Site and Workshop Surveys Across the North West and UK

On-site and in-shop surveys are a crucial part of any engineering or construction survey. Whatever the size or scale of the project, precision and accuracy are key components. At Double Check Digital Engineering Ltd, we pride ourselves on delivering just that to clients across all manner of industry sectors.

Double Check Digital Engineering Ltd

We take a bold, new approach to fabrication, using the latest in laser surveying equipment to create accurate 3D models of a site or product, rather than relying on legacy, offline drawings. This allows us to create more complex fabrications and reduce the risk of waste and error, which are two of the most common complaints our clients have about the more traditional surveying process.

Manual Surveys Cost Time and Money

Unless the person conducting the survey is the same person making use of it, hand-drawn and measured surveys can be difficult to interpret. This can result in significant errors when transferring to a CAD program by hand. Really, such archaic techniques have no place in modern construction. They result in missed data and missed problems, leading to site revisits, additional costs, wasted time, and unnecessary delays.

Double Check

Digital Asset for Accuracy

We produce digital point cloud surveys that produce an accurate and detailed model of the site. That means there is no need to revisit and no chance of a measurement being inaccurate. When we hand over the project to you, we can include the digital point cloud in its entirety to be used with your BIM application. That means there’s no chance of misreading the data—just a clear, simple, and precise representation of exactly what’s on site.

Double Check


Our digital point cloud surveys have a wealth of applications in any industry where accurate measurement is of paramount importance. These are just some of the projects where it can assist you:

For New Constructions

With a digital point cloud, you can survey an entire site with great precision, allowing you to see where things fit without the risk of poor measurements or missed information. As a digital asset, the cloud interfaces with all your existing planning structures and can be used to coordinate multiple site teams at once. The astonishing detail makes it easier to see if any collaborative work is conducted as per the original model and drawings.

For Refurbishments

A digital point cloud survey allows us to map out what is currently on site with total accuracy. New plans and design work can then be overlaid on the 3D rendering, allowing you to create before and after images. This ensures that all workers on site, whatever their discipline, are aware of how their role aligns with the plan.

In the Workshop

Using 3D Total Station point-based fabrication, we eliminate the need for hard copies and paper drawings. This also allows us to create more complex structures and interactions with laser-accurate production.

Scan-to-BIM Process

From our digital point cloud survey, we can produce an extremely detailed 3D model of the site, which we can then scan directly into your BIM software. This accurate representation of the project can then be used as the basis for any new designs or improvements, as well as product planning.

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