Structural Drawing Services for Steel Contractors

We work closely with steel contractors across the construction and engineering sectors. With decades of experience in the fields of structural drawing and digital engineering under our collective belts, we offer a world-class service to clients throughout the North West region and across the UK.

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We have a reputation for excellence that few others in the industry can hope to match. This is chiefly because we recognised the problems that many steel contractors encounter on their projects. These are just some of the issues that we come across during consultation:

Drawing Technicians Miss Things

Drawing technicians don’t always have the on-site experience to deliver the level of accuracy needed for your engineering project. Often they are working on a purely theoretical level, lacking the hands-on expertise needed to understand what can happen on site as well as during production. This lack of insight can end up being costly for you as a steel contractor, resulting in halted production and unexpected delays, all of which lead to additional costs as the work needs to be redone.
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Awareness of Complexities in Procurement and Production

Procurement lead times

Are all the necessary materials ready for the start of the job? Could more effective purchasing techniques lower your fabrication overheads and reduce lead times for the project?


Is the proposed method for fabricating the project feasible or even possible given the budget and resources? Will welders have access to the structure once individual elements have been completed? Is there a practical benefit to creating a jig? Can production be improved to increase optimisation?


Can the site team recognise components properly and erect the structure with ease? Is the erection sequence optimal (or even possible) for the timeline of the project? Do you know how you will be able to put the structure together effectively?

End User

How will the end user and the general public interact with the finished product? Does it look right? Is there a clear delineation between architecture and structure and how the final product should be dressed? Perhaps most importantly, is this distinction clear to both the production and erection teams from the outset?

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What Double Check Digital Engineering Solutions Can Do for You

Knowing the problems faced by our steel contractor clients is key to finding practical and effective solutions. Thanks to our extensive background in the industry, we are able to deliver solutions that work, no matter how large or complex the project. This is what you can expect from us:

Hands-on Fabrication Experience

Our lead technicians have relevant, hands-on experience with structural and architectural steel fabrication. We know how things work on the shop floor and on the site. That means we also know what’s possible and what isn't, as well as what can go wrong or cause problems for the project. We are here to advise you at the design stage, identifying and limiting the number of issues and unexpected problems that might otherwise occur later in production.

With You Every Step of the Way

We are here to advise and challenge you at every stage of your project, from design, procurement, and fabrication to erection, end users, and beyond. We bring our extensive experience to bear on every aspect of the job, limiting the number of delays and costs that your team may not have considered. We know what’s possible and what isn’t, as well as the best programme sequence to build your structure.

Clear, Accurate, and Well-Noted Drawings

We make sure that all stages of production are well aware of the end use for the elements they are building. We provide clear and well-documented drawings of the highest quality, ensuring a clear understanding of which elements are structural, architectural, weld details, and so on.

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The Process

Over the many years we have been in the business, we have developed our own digital engineering process. This process has evolved over time as we continuously seek to improve the service we deliver to our clients.

3D Modelling

We create detailed and accurate 3D modelling using the latest Tekla Structures software and our own in-house optimisations and scripts. This helps us keep the workflow smooth and our team lean and efficient.

Fabrication Packages

Our fabrication packages include everything you need to complete your project and are hand-tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. They include high-quality fabrication drawings, cutting information, NC data, production reports, arrangement drawings for erection, approval stage GAs, assembly and single-part drawings, erection site drawings, and various reports for use in the shop. Further information specific to your project can be tailored to meet your workflow requirements. All data contained in the package is verified by our skilled team of technicians, each of whom has relevant, hands-on experience in the industry, ensuring optimal clarity at each level of detail.


We have surveying experience both on-site and in the workshop. We can help with the fabrication of complex structures by using point data directly from our 3D model rather than traditional technical drawings. For more information, visit our Surveys page.

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Our digital engineering process has many applications across the structural steel industry. These are just some of the projects that we have worked on:


We have years of experience working with new and existing rollercoasters. This includes track replacements and refurbishments, where our modern surveying techniques are essential to the success of the project.


We have surveyed and designed all manner of bridges, including footbridges, road bridges, and rail bridges. This includes work on bridges that form part of the rail network.


We acted as the lead fabricator on the ArcelorMittal Orbit as well as many other high-end technical projects. These complex projects made excellent use of the latest 3D modelling and point cloud construction techniques.

Other Structural Work

We have worked on portal frames, multi storey buildings, staircases, and pretty much any other project involving structural steel.


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