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Here at Double Check Digital Engineering, we are experts at parametric modelling. As the name implies, this cutting-edge technology involves taking the standard parameters for a given structural design and converting them into a workable Tekla Structures model. This exciting technique saves time and money on a wide variety of engineering and construction projects, allowing for the rapid creation of highly detailed models suitable for steel fabrication.

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What Is Parametric Modelling

Parametric modelling (also known as parametric design) is the creation of a digital model using a series of pre-programmed rules or algorithms known as ‘parameters’. At its most basic, this means that the model (or, at least, elements of it) are automatically generated using internal logic arguments rather than being manipulated manually.

The process takes standard design information and turns it into “Grasshopper” code. Once that code is complete, our team of skilled digital engineers applies basic parameters to it that allow us to resize or customise the design. The finished code is then plugged into Tekla Structures, with the final model being built in a matter of minutes rather than weeks.

Refining the Model

Once the base model has been generated, we refine every part, connection, and joint to ensure that it is viable and workable. Our team of experienced engineers works to a meticulous level of detail to guarantee a functional final model for your project.

A Rapid Digital Modelling Process

Whatever engineering project you’re involved in, we take your standard parameters and convert them into code that we use to build a wireframe model of the project. This is connected to our Tekla Structures software, where we apply the various attributes that are specific to the job at hand, such as grades, profiles, sizing, thicknesses, and numbering information. This results in an accurate and detailed model from which to produce technical drawings.

Fast and Effective Changes

Changes to the end model can be made swiftly and efficiently by altering the grasshopper code being fed into the live connection. This removes the need to redraw and reengineer the project, allowing us to make changes on the fly without having to start from scratch.

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Benefits of Parametric Modelling

Parametric modelling delivers a host of advantages to any engineering project. It results in faster workflow, cheaper model-making, and quicker revisions. Compared to designing from scratch and building a model manually, the process offers significant savings in both time and cost.

Applications of Parametric Engineering

Parametric modelling can be applied to any kind of steel fabrication project. Whether you’re building a bridge, rollercoaster, deck, building, or any other kind of steel structure, you can save time and money using parametric workflows to streamline the process.

Parametric Engineering Overview

Watch our short video explaining the benefits of Parametric Engineering.

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Why Choose Double-Check Digital Engineering

There are plenty of reasons to choose us for your parametric modelling needs in the North West and across the UK. We’re industry leaders in this revolutionary engineering technique, constantly building and evolving our workflows to incorporate more structures into our database.

We are young and creative coders, ready to take on any kind of project with decades of relevant, hands-on experience to back us up. We bring that expertise to every engineering job we take on, having worked extensively with steel structures as much as we have with the latest digital technology. With our history firmly grounded on the shop floor and our future based on computers, we combine both elements to deliver exceptional parametric modelling solutions for all our clients.

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